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Know About It

Tech news you should know about.

Know About It is a web application that monitors popular tech news sources for stories that are generating a lot of conversation within the past 24 hours.

visit knowabout.it


Subdomains with plug-and-play ease.

With fuzzypop! you can easily set up subdomains to be direct to any location you want. It's the perfect tool for managing simple to remember, fun to share, links!

visit fuzzypop.com


A free-roaming, text-only, game of imagination.

txtGame is a web and mobile application inspired by old school, text based, adventure and puzzle games.

read the initial blog post · visit txtgame.net

Our team

Dig Down Labs LLC was founded by Kevin Marshall (a.k.a Falicon) in 2014 with the primary idea of building small, focused, apps and services. It doesn't have a mission statement, but basically operates with this idea in mind.

Kevin blogs at falicon.com and has a day job as one of the founders and 'tech guys' of PubGears. You can also check out some of his open source code on GitHub or connect with him on Twitter @falicon or via email at kevin at digdownlabs.com.